Pudina Raita Recipe Mint Raita Recipe Mint Raita Sauce Recipe

Pudina Raita Recipe Mint Raita Recipe With Detailed Photo And Video Recipe. A Minty Flavourful Yogurt Dip Recipe Prepared With Mint Leaves And Curd. It Is Typically Served As Accompaniment With Spicy Biryani Recipes Or Pulao Recipes To Reduce The Spice Heat.

Mint Raita Recipe With Step By Step Photo And Video Recipe. Basically A Flavoured Yogurt Dip Prepared From Grounded Mint Leaves And Mixed With Curd. It Is A Ideal Condiment Which Can Be Either Served With Spicy Rice Recipes Or Even With Starters Like Samosa, Aloo Tikki Etc.

Pudina Raita Recipe Mint Raita Recipe
Raita Recipes Are Very Common In My House. Well I Personally Do Not Prefer To Have Raita Recipes For Any Rice Recipes Or For Paratha. But It Is A Must Recipe For My Husband. Hence I Try To Vary With Raita Recipe Each Time I Prepare Any Spicy Rice Recipe. Moreover, I Even Prepare Pudina Raita With Any Starters Like Paneer Ghee Roast, Chilli Paneer, Mirchi Bajji. Basically It Helps To Reduce The Heat Of These Spicy Dishes, Yet Not Compromising On The Taste.

Pudina Raita Recipe Mint Raita Recipe
Furthermore, Some Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Mint Raita Recipe. Firstly, Do Not Use A Sour Curd Or Yogurt For This Raita Recipe. Sour Curd Would Spoil The Taste When Mixed With Mint Leaves. Secondly, Whisk Your Curd Before Using It With Raita Recipe. Whisked Curd Would Give A Smooth Texture To Pudina Raita Recipe. Lastly, You Can Also Add Coriander Leaves While Blending To Make It Coriander Mint Raita Recipe.

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