Pani Puri Recipe Golgappa Puchka Recipe

Pani Puri Recipe Golgappa Puchka Recipe Pani Poori Recipe With Detailed Photo And Video Recipe. Perhaps One Of The Most Common And Popular Indian Street Food Recipe. Basically It Is A Combination Of Street Food Recipe Made With Small Puri Balls Filled With Spiced And Mashed Aloo And A Specially Made Spiced Water. It Is Often Served As A Dessert Snack After Having Spicy Chaat Recipes Like Bhel Puri, Sev Puri Or Pav Bhaji Recipes.

Puchka Recipe Pani Poori Recipe With Photo And Video Recipe. Indian Street Food Recipes Are World Famous Because Of The Taste, Flavour And Combination Of Spices. Most Of Them Are Either Made With Ragda Curry Or With The Combination Of Deep-Fried Snacks In A Chaat Chutney. But There Are Some Other Unique Water-Based Street Food Recipes And Pani Puri Recipe Or Golgappa Is One Such Popular Street Food Snack.

Golgappa Recipe

As I Explained Earlier, This Is A Unique Chaat Recipe Or Street Food Compared To Other Indin Chaat Recipes. Compared To Others, It Deals More With Water And Less Of Curry And Snacks. Hence It Is Typically Served At The End Of Chaat Recipes Meal. However There Is A Myriad Variation To This Famous Street Food.
In Mumbai It Is Known As Pani Puri Recipe, Which Changes Its Name In New Delhi As Golgappa Recipe. If We Come Further East It Is Known As Puchka Recipe And The Combination Is Slightly Different In It. The Combination Is More Of Savoury Pani With Spiced And Mashed Aloo.

In Mumbai Or Even In North India The Pani Taste Is More Of A Sweet And Spicy Water. I Personally Like It To Be Sweet And Spicy With A Hint Of Savoury Taste In It. But Each Individual Would Have A Different Taste And I Have Shown Both The Variation In This Recipe Post.

Pani Puri Recipe Golgappa
Furthermore, I Would Like To Add Some More Variation, Tips, Suggestions To Pani Puri Recipe Or Golgappa Recipe. Firstly, I Have Shown How To Make Puri From Scratch In This Recipe. Well To Be Honest, It Can Be Time Consuming And Quite A Bit Of Effort To Novice Cook.

You May Buy These Puris From Any Indian Store And Follow The Recipe For Filling. Secondly, These Puri’s Do Not Have A Longer Shelf Life And Also I Have Not Added Any Extra Preservative’s. Hence I Would Heavily Recommend To Use These Puris Immediately And Do Not Preserve It For Future Use. Lastly, While Deep Frying These Puris, Ensure The Oil Is Sufficiently Hot And Once Puris Are Thrown To Oil, It Should Immediately Puff And Do Not Take Much Time.

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