Paneer Nawabi Curry Recipe Nawabi Paneer Mughlai Paneer Curry

Paneer Nawabi Curry Recipe Nawabi Paneer Mughlai Paneer Curry With A Detailed Photo And Video Recipe. An Easy And Popular Curry Recipe From The Mughlai Cuisine Made With Paneer Cubes, Dry Fruits And Spices. The Dish Is Known For Its Creaminess And Also For The Outstanding White Coloured Gravy Which Comes From The Selected Spices. It Is An Ideal Curry For A Range Of Indian Flatbread Recipes,

But Can Also Be Served With A Range Of Rice Recipes. Nawabi Paneer Mughlai Paneer Curry Photo And Video Recipe. North Indian Or Punjabi Cuisine Is Known For Its Wide Range Of Curries Made With Different Types Of Hero Ingredients. These Are Generally A Gravy Based Dish With Either Red Or Orangish In Colour. But Then There Are Other Cuisines Like Mughlai Cuisine Which Offer White Or Creamy Coloured Curries Like Paneer Nawabi Curry Recipe.

Paneer Nawabi Curry Recipe

Well, To Be Honest, I Am Not A Huge Fan Of White Coloured Curries. Basically, You Achieve White Colour By Not Using Tomatoes And Some Essential Spices Like Turmeric Or Chilli Powder. You Either Use Lemon Juice Or Yoghurt For Sourness And Green Chillies For Spice Heat. Having Said That It Would Be Also Fully Loaded With Premium Nuts Which Would Add The Creamy And Sweet Taste To The Curry.

Perhaps This Is One Of The Main Reason For Its Fan Following. However, I Personally Prefer To Have Something Spicy And Savoury And Also I Feel That Curry Has To Be Either Red Or Dark In Colour To Make It More Appetite. To Be Honest, There Isn’t Any Harm In Making This Recipe With Tomatoes And Spices, But It Would Just End Up As Any Paneer Curry.

Paneer Nawabi Curry Recipe
Anyway, Before I Wrap Up The Recipe Post, I Would Like To Add Some Tips, Suggestions And Variations To Paneer Nawabi Curry Recipe. Firstly, For A Moist And Creamy Recipe, You Need To Make Sure The Paneer Has To Be Fresh And Moist. Preferably, I Would Suggest Using Homemade Paneer For This Recipe,
But You May Also Use Store-Bought If They Are Fresh And Juicy. Secondly,

The Use Of Dry Fruits Is More Or Less Open-Ended. You May Use Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Macadamias, Pistachios And Also Apricots. Lastly, If You Wish To Have A Red Or Orange Coloured Curry You May Use Red Chillies As An Alternative To Green Chillies. Also You May Add Spices Like Turmeric And Red Chilli Powder To Have Reddish Or Orange Coloured Gravy.

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