Marble Cake Recipe Chocolate Marble Cake Eggless Marble Cake


Marble Cake Recipe Chocolate Marble Cake Eggless Marble Cake With Detailed Photo And Video Recipe. An Interesting Fusion Cake Recipe Made By Combining 2 Cake Batter. The Batter Is Mixed In Such Way That There Are 2 Distinct Colours Clearly Visible Overlapping Each Other. This Is Later Baked Like Any Other Traditional Cake And Thus Forming A Zebra-Like An Appearance With 2 Distinct Colours From Chocolate And Plain Cake Batter.

Chocolate Marble Cake Eggless Marble Cake With Step By Step Photo . Eggless And Flavoured Cake Recipes Are Very Popular Across India. It Is Made For Several Reasons And It Could Be Celebrations Or Perhaps As An Evening Snack. But Most Of Them Are Made With Just One Flavoured Cake Batter. But This Recipe Post Dedicates To A Marble Cake Which Is Made With Roughly Mixing 2 Cake Batters.

Marble Cake Recipe Chocolate Marble Cake

Well, To Be Honest, I Had Never Thought Of Sharing This Recipe In The First Place. I Always Believed That Layered Or Chocolate Marble Cake Must Have A Complicated Baking Procedure And It Is Not My Cup Of Tea. Until, I Met My New Friend Shashi, Who Is An Expert In Baking And Also Has A Great Passion For Baking.

As A Matter Of Fact, She Has Undergone, Several Baking Classes And She Helped To Learn The Technique For Chocolate Marble Cake. Basically, The 2 Cake Batter Should Be Mixed Roughly With Clearly Visible Layers With Each Other. In Other Words, The Cake Batter Has To Be Thick And Hence Should Not Easily Mix With Others. Once The Batter Is Combined, It Has To Be Baked As It Is, Which Eventually Forms Distinctive Layering.

Marble Cake Recipe Chocolate Marble Cake

Anyway, I Would Like To Add Few More Suggestions, Tips And Variations To Moist Chocolate Marble Cake Recipe. Firstly, In This Cake Recipe I Have Used Vanilla, And Chocolate Cake Batter As It Has 2 Distinct Colour. But The Same Technique Can Be Applied With Any Other Cake Batter Too.

But I Would Recommend Choosing 2 Distinct And Contrast-Coloured Cake Batter. Secondly, I Would Heavily Recommend Using Fine Quality Of Cocoa Powder If You Are Using Chocolate Flavoured Cake Batter. The Chocolate Flavour Would Have A Great Impression To Any Type Of Marble Cake. Lastly, I Have Not Concluded The Recipe With Icing Or Frosting On Top Of The Cake. You Can Either Vanilla Or Chocolate Frosting And You Can Refer My Respective Recipes For The Same.

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