Maa Ki Dal Recipe Kaali Dal Maa Ki Daal Black Gram Dal

Maa ki dal recipe kaali dal maa ki daal black gram dal with a detailed photo and video recipe. A popular homely and creamy lentil curry recipe made with the whole black urad dal or sabut urad dal. it is a known day to day curry recipe made in north India, particularly in the north, and served with either choice of flatbreads or choice of rice option. The formula has a substantial similarity between dal makhani but has its unique flavor and taste to it.

Maa Ki Dal Recipe Kaali Dal Maa Ki Daal Black Gram Dal

As I Mentioned Earlier, It Has A Strong Similarity Between Dal Makhani Recipe, But I Will Try To Explain The Difference In Simple Words. Even Though The Lentil Used In Both The Recipe Is The Same, The Result Is Very Different. Firstly And Importantly, The Cooking Time Is Very Less Compared To The Makhani Variation. In Dal Makhani, It Has To Be Slow-Cooked For A Couple Of Hours So That The Real Creamy Flavour Is Released. Whereas In This Recipe,

Maa Ki Dal Recipe Kaali Dal Maa Ki Daal Black Gram Dal

It Hardly Takes A Maximum Of 40-45 Minutes, And The Dal Is Ready. The Other Major And Important Difference Is The Ingredients Used In It. In This Recipe, I Have Used Only Black Urad Dal, Whereas, In The Other Variation, It Is A Combination Of Black Dal, Rajma, And Even Masoor Dal To Get That Extra Thickness And Creaminesses. Moreover, The Makhani Recipe Has More Cream Added As The Final Step, Whereas A Cream Is Optional And Can Be Added Only If You Prefer.

maa ki dal recipe

Furthermore, Before I Wrap Up The Recipe Post, Some Easy And Important Tips, Suggestions, And Variations To Maa Ki Dal Recipe. Firstly, Soaking Dal Is A Mandatory Step, And You Can Avoid It. Some Lentils May Avoid Soaking, And As An Alternative, You Can Pressure Cook It Further But Not For This Lentil. Secondly, The Recipe Is Typically Served With Jeera Rice Or Any Flavoured Rice. Having Said That, You Can Also Serve It With Roti And Chapati, But You May Have To Make It Thicker. Lastly, Once It Is Rested, It May Get Thick As It Cools Down. You May Have To Add Water And Bring It Consistency Before Reheating It.

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