Karachi Halwa Recipe Corn Flour Halwa Bombay Karachi Halwa Recipe

Karachi Halwa Recipe With Photo And Video Recipe. Perhaps One Of The Easiest And Tasty Halwa Recipe Made With Very Minimal Ingredient. It Is An Ideal Halwa Recipe Which Can Be Made Within Minutes Without Any Complicated Ingredients And Can Be Served As Dessert To Various Occasions. Generally, The Cornflour Halwa Is Made In Red Or Orange In Colour But Can Be Made In Different Types Of Colour And Shape As Per The Preference.

Bombay Karachi Halwa Recipe With Step By Step Photo And Video Recipe. Halwa Recipes Are Extremely Popular And One Of The Most Common Desserts Made In Many Indian Households. Generally, It Is Made With Seasonal Fruit Or With Lentil And Pulses. Using These Ingredients It Gives A Chewy And Smooth Consistency. But It Can Also Be Made With Flours And Cornflour Halwa Is One Such Easy And Simple Halwa Recipe Which Gives The Same Glossy And Chewy Texture.

Karachi Halwa Recipe Corn Flour Halwa Bombay Karachi Halwa Recipe

As I Was Explaining Earlier, This Is One Of The Easy And Simple Halwa Recipes. This Is Because Comparatively, It Requires Less Stir And Also Requires Very Minimal Ingredient Of Sugar And Cornflour. You May Top It With Choice Of Dry Fruits Which Is An Additional Ingredient. Hence You Can Make This Recipe Anytime For Any Occasion. Moreover, The Best Part Of This Recipe Is Shelf Life.

It Can Be Easily Preserved For Weeks When Compared To Other Fruit And Lentil-Based Halwa. I Generally Make These Type Of Halwa And Store It In An Airtight Container. I Use Those Whenever We Get Surprised Guests And Serve Them By Just Microwaving It For A Couple Of Seconds. As It Is Reheated It Would Be Moist And Also Releases Its Oil To Make It Chewier And Also Glossy.

Anyway, I Would Like To Add Some More Tips, Suggestions And Variations To Karachi Halwa Recipe. Firstly, In This Recipe, I Have Shown A Medium Softness Texture Which Is Neither Soft And Nor Hard. Some Prefer To Have It Very Soft And Some Prefer To Have Very Hard. Basically,

If You Need It Soft, You May Switch Off The Stove 5-6 Minutes Early As Shown In This Recipe. If You Need It Hard, You May Cook It For 5-6 Minutes As Shown In This Recipe. Secondly, Be Generous With The Ghee Addition And Do Not Limit Yourselves While Adding To It. You May Need To Add It Till It Absorbs. Lastly, I Would Heavily Recommend Using Non-Stick Kadai For Such Halwa Recipe. It Would Be Easy To Stir And Eventually To Shape It.

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