Gulab Jamun Recipe How To Make Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder

Gulab Jamun Recipe How To Make Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder In A Detailed Photo And Video Recipe. Perhaps One Of The Most Popular Indian Sweet Recipes Across India. It Is One Such Dessert Which Is Not Only Liked By All Age Groups But Can Also Be Attempted By All Age Groups. Traditionally The Gulab Jamoon Is Made With Store-Bought Pre Mix, But The Same Can Be Made By Combining The Milk Powder, Plain Flour And Baking Powder.

How To Make Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder Photo And Video Recipe. Festival Season Is Around The Corner And Most Of Us Are Drooling About The Classic Indian Dessert. These Are Generally Made So That It Can Be Served With Friends And Family. One Of The Most Common And Highly Appreciated Classic Indian Dessert Recipe Is Gulab Jamoon Recipe Known For Its Moist And Juicy Texture.

Make Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder

Well, I Have Posted Several Types Of Gulab Jamun Recipe, Which Includes, Khoya, Semolina And Even Bread-Based. But Nothing Can Replace Traditional Milk Powder-Based Jamoons. The Texture, Colour And The Moistness You Can Get With Milk Powder Is Irreplaceable.

Basically, For A Perfect And Moist Ball, There Are 2 Key Things. The First One Is The Proportion Of Dry Ingredients Like Milk Powder, Plain Flour And Baking Powder. The Other One Is The Kneading Which Has To Be Smooth And Crack-Free. The Later One Can Be Easily Controlled, But If The Proportions Are Not Correct, It May Turn Either Hard Or Soft. Hence If You Follow This Recipe Post, I Can Assure You There Is Less Chance Of Going Wrong. I Can Easily Claim It Is Fail-Proof.


Furthermore, I Would Also Like To Add Some More Tips, Suggestions And Variations To Gulab Jamoon Recipe. Firstly, As I Was Explaining Kneading Place A Critical Role For This Recipe. Also While Shaping The Balls Ensure That The Surface Is Crack-Free And Smooth For A Smooth And Glossy Finish. Secondly,

The Sugar Has To Be Of Sticky Consistency And Do Not Attempt To Have 1 String Or 2 String. It Has To Be Watery And Sticky So That Fried Balls Can Be Easily Absorbed. Lastly, You Need To Take Extra Care While Deep Frying These Balls. It Has To Be On Low Medium Flame And The Balls Have To Be Continuously Rotated. It Should Not Stick To The Bottom So You Need To Rotate It Oil Or Ghee Non-Stop.

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