Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe On Pan Christmas Swiss Roll Choc Swiss Roll

Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe On Pan Christmas Swiss Roll Choc Swiss Roll With Detailed Photo And Video Recipe. An Easy And Simple Dessert Recipe Made With The Whipped Cream And Chocolate Roll. Typically It Is Made With A Thin Slice Of Chocolate Roll Which Is Baked And Rolled, But This Recipe Is Made Using A Pan. The Recipe Is An Ideal Christmas Dessert Which Can Be Easily Served With Friends And Family To Celebrate The Occasion.

Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe
Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe On Pan Christmas Swiss Roll Choc Swiss Roll With Photo And Video Recipe. Christmas Is Widely Celebrated Across India And Is Not Limited To Any Particular Religion. It Is Widely Celebrated By Preparing And Baking Desserts Like Plum Cakes, Cupcakes, And Other Baking Dessert Recipes. One Such Easy And Simple Pan And Cooktop Based Dessert Recipe Is Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe Known For Its Moist And Tasty.

Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe

Well, Many Would Believe The Recipe For Chocolate Swiss Roll Is A Complicated Recipe And Require Any Sophisticated Ingredients. Contrary To That, I Have Shown A Simple And Easy Recipe Without Baking Oven. I Have Used A Flat Medium-Sized Pan To Make The Base For This Recipe. It Follows Very Similar To The Crepe Process And Thus Making It An Easy Recipe.

Typically The Base Is Baked In A Baking Oven In A Cake Tray And Sliced To The Desired Thickness. Whereas In This Recipe Post, I Have Skipped That Process To Make It Simple And Easy. Also, Once The Whipped Cream Is Made Using A Hand Blender, The Only Remaining Step Is To Top It And Roll Till It Forms A Swiss Roll.

Christmas Swiss Roll:

Furthermore, Some Easy And Important Tips, Suggestions, And Variations For A Most And Creamy Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe. Firstly, In This Recipe, I Have Used A Simple And White Coloured, Vanilla Flavoured Frosting. This Can Experiment, And You Can Use Choice Of Flavour, Like Chocolate, Orange, And Any Choice Of Cream Flavour.

The Base Or Chocolate Cake Has To Be Moist And Flexible So That It Can Be Rolled. Hence Do Not Roast It And Ensure To Keep The Moisture. Lastly, The Frosting Has To Be Semi-Solid In Its Consistency And Avoid Making It Watery Or Hard In Texture. You May Not Be Able To Roll It If You Make The Consistency.

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