Bendekai Gojju Recipe Bendekai Kayirasa Bendekayi Gojju  Karnataka Style

Benedek Gojju Recipe Bendekai Kayirasa Bendekayi Gojju With Detailed Photo And Video Recipe. An Extremely Popular Masala Based Curry Recipe Made With Okra Slices, Spices, And Coconut Masala. The Recipe Is Hugely Popular In Karnataka, But Not Just Limited To It And A Known Recipe Is All The Southern Indian States. The Recipe Is Typically Served As A Taste Enhancer, Just After The Rasam And Sambar Combo. But Can Also Be Served With Rice Or Idli For Morning Breakfast.

Bendekai Gojju Recipe Bendekai Kayirasa Bendekayi Gojju  Karnataka Style

Benedek Kayirasa Bendekayi Gojju Karnataka StyleWith Step By Step Photo And Video Recipe. Kayirasa Is One Of The Popular Semi-Thick Sauce Based Gravy From The South Indian State Of Karnataka. The Recipe Is Known For Its Combination Of Taste. It Has A Combination Of Sweetness, Spiciness, Sourness, And Savoriness, Which Makes It An Ideal Taste Enhancer. It Can Be Made With Different Vegetables, And Bendekai Gojju Recipe Or Okra Kayirasa Is One Such Option.

Bendekai Gojju Recipe

Well, The Name Kayirasa Or The Dish May Not Be Familiar To Many, But Certainly, You Guys Have Tried It At Some Point Of Time. Mainly, If You Have Visited Any South Indian Marriages Or Any Festival, Kayirasa Is One Of The Most Important Dishes. Basically, In Kannada, Kayi Means Coconut And Rasa Mean Gravy Or Curry.

Benedek Gojju Recipe:

There Is A Particular Use Case For This Dish And Reasons To Be Served In Lunch And Dinner Feast. Due To The Burst Of Flavour And Taste, It Has To Offer, It Acts As A Taste Enhancer Or Stimulator. Hence Once The Rasam And Sambar Recipes Are Served, Bendekai Gojju Recipe Is Served, So That Taste Buds Get Prepared For The Next Dishes. However, These Days It Is Also Served As Main Curry With Rice And Breakfast Dishes Like Dosa And Idli.

Furthermore, I Would Like To Add Some Tips, Suggestions, And Variations To Bendekai Gojju Recipe. Firstly, As I Explained Earlier, The Kayirasa Curry Can Be Made With A Different Set Of Vegetables And Ingredients. However, The Most Common Vegetables Used Are Either Pineapple Or Hog Plum. These Tropical Fruits Are Sour In Taste And Add The Necessary Flavour To The Curry.

But Because We Have Used Okra In This Recipe, You May Have To Increase The Sourness By Adding More Tamarind Juice. Secondly, While Using The Okra, You Have To Be Extra Careful While Chopping. Make Sure It Is Properly Cleaned And Wiped With No Moisture In It. Lastly, The Taste Of Kayirasa Increases When The Mixture Of Tamarind, Salt, Jaggery, And Chillies Are Boiled Thoroughly. Do Not Compromise On This Step.


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